Creators - Linking your NFT

This section describes how creators can link their NFTs to Generative Dungeon
If you are a creator and have produced an NFT collection, you can now link that collection with Generative Dungeon, allowing players to receive a buff as part of the benefits of owning both a Generative Dungeon and your NFT. Eventually, creators will also be able to upload spritesheets for their particular collections, so that in addition to providing a boost, the linked NFTs are themselves playable as character avatars within the Generative Dungeon ecosystem.
Creators will have to upload from the same accounts they used to deploy their contracts with, or otherwise be listed as "owners" in the associated Smart Contracts.
Currently, with select partners, we are handling the work of creating spritesheets for their particular NFT collections. This involves creating versions of each NFT that are compatible with our ecosystem, which means eight different spitesheets for each of the tileset trait types (16x16, 16x16 Cartoon, 16x16 CGA, 16x16 EGA, 16x16 Monochrome, 32x32, 32x32 Orthogonal, Multiplayer). These spritesheets are further subdivided by trait type to incorporate the different variations available within that NFT. What follows is an example of the 32x32 Orthogonal spritesheet.

Fully combined spritesheet:

Llama spritesheet generated from base traits

Separated spritesheets:

Spritesheet for Robin Hat trait
Spritesheet for 3D Glasses Eye Trait
Spritesheet for black suit red tie trait
Spritesheet for base body
At the moment, the only way to link your NFT with Generative Dungeon is to get in touch with our team on Discord or Twitter and inquire about an integration.