Welcome to the official documentation and help resource for Generative Dungeon!

What is Generative Dungeon?

Generative Dungeon is the world's first fully playable, fully customizable, community-driven RPG collection. Each dungeon NFT is fully backed by the Ethereum blockchain and directly playable on OpenSea (and many other marketplaces) and can be embedded anywhere. With our customization features, Dungeon owners can create unlimited metaverse games for players worldwide or for their own exclusive communities. Our collection also features Generative Avatars, a 2x PFP and Playable NFT that brings you into a whole new realm of the Dungeonverse. Now play with Friends in a Battle Royale Dungeon game! Avatars can also enter into the original Dungeons so you can play with your own characters! Coming soon is our 3rd release, Generative Quests, which will immerse you into a 3D Dungeon Experience.

The NFTs are backed by the Ethereum blockchain and connect to a NodeJS-based backend. There are plans to open source the backend and fully decentralize so that dungeon owners can even further customize the experience and / or release their own open-source ecosystems.

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