$DNG Token

Dungeons have innate utility. But they will also have derived utility, in the form of tokens earned through staking and playing!
$DNG token are earned through staking Generative Dungeon and Generative Avatars. They are the main currency of DungeonVerse. You use this token for everything in DungeonVerse. Redeem them for the awesome member-only items available on our Marketplace, otherwise known as Goblin's Bazaar, including access to exclusive whitelists from the most sought-after projects in the space, or for free NFTs, or for additional dungeon upgrades like portals. 1 $DNG = 1 $DNG - There is no USD value to $DNG. We will not provide liquidity. $DNG = Dungeon To add $DNG to your Metamask, switch to the Polygon chain by clicking the "Click Here To Switch Networks" button available at the top of the Marketplace, then click on the Assets tab.
Your tokens should be listed under this tab. If they're not, and automatic token detection isn't picking them up, then click on 'Import token' at the bottom:
You'll arrive at the Custom Token page in Metamask. Enter the following address into the Token Contract Address field:
The other two fields should autocomplete. If not, enter DNG for Token Symbol, and 18 for Token Decimal.
Click Add Custom Token and you'll arrive at the next page. Click Import Tokens to finish.
You will be then redirected back to your assets page. The token you have just added will be listed.
The amount of DNG in your Metamask won't update until you purchase something on the Goblin's Bazaar Marketplace, such as a level save (a good, cheap way to force an update). However, your latest and greatest DNG balance is always shown on our website in the Staking Rewards area, or next to your wallet in the Goblin's Bazaar Marketplace.

Summary of Tokenomics

Current planned Tokenomics:
75,000,000 - $DNG Max Supply
35,000,000 - $DNG reserved for P2E rewards (distributed through in-game p2e mechanics) 35,000,000 - $DNG reserved for staking (distributed to owners of staked Dungeon NFTs) 4,000,000 - $DNG Team reserves (for in-game promotions, partnerships, growth)
1,000,000 - $DNG airdropped to unlisted Dungeon NFT holders upon launch
We will NOT be supplying liquidity and don't in general support this. However, if someone starts supplying liquidity we can’t stop it. We will not advertise liquidity as we have a ton of internal value that will gain you benefits both inside and outside of our Dungeonverse