Dungeon Customization Guide

How to customize your dungeon.

How to customize your dungeon

In order to customize to dungeon you own, you first need to stake your dungeon through the staking menu. Click here to learn how to stake. For a Video Tutorial on editing basics, click here: After staking your dungeon head over to Dungeon Manager dApp by visiting and clicking the Owners tab in the top menu.
Click "Connect Metamask" in the upper right
Choose Dungeon Floor Editor in Owner's Menu
You will be welcomed with this screen.
Have fun and explore the features! We have videos on youtube to further explain use of the editor, as well as regular live streams in the discord.

How to give permission to other wallets to customize

Not an editor? Not a worry! You can give a friend or contractor permissions to edit your Dungeon. For the moment, they still need to hold a Dungeon in order to access the editor, but this is something we are looking at changing in the future. The wallet you give permissions to will NOT be able to sell, move, or steal your Dungeon. The ONLY thing they are able to do is edit and save floors. To give permissions: Click Permissions in Floor Editor.
Permission Panel will pop up.
You need to enter the wallets you want to give permission to customize your dungeon. The permissions will expire after 7 days, and you will need to renew them if there is still work to be done.

Don't want to give permissions?

If for some reason, you don't want to give permissions to your Dungeon, say maybe you have already started editing and don't want them to accidentally delete your floors, you can simply have them send you an exported file. To do this: Once they have finished the floor, simply have them export the floor file, then send it to you via message or email.
You will then go to the floor you wish to add the file to and hit import, then select the floor you wish to add.