Welcome to the Goblins Bazaar!
Redeem your $DNG for items on our Marketplace including exclusive whitelists from the most sought-after projects in the space and free Mints and NFTs. Unlock additional Dungeon features and utility. Upgrade your avatar. And much much more.

Whitelists, Free Mints, Passes and NFTs

Use your DNG to buy some of the most sought after WL, Free Mints and Passes in the space! Better hurry though, because they go fast. We will soon be offering other ways to purchase or win these.

Dungeon Utility

You've staked that Dungeon and those Avatars, now it's time to get to work in the editor! In the Goblins Bazaar, you can now purchase Dungeon Saves, Lore books, Portals, Music packs, fully built floors, and so much more.

What's to come?

That is a great question, and the answer must remain somewhat of a mystery... However you can rest assured knowing that you will soon be able to purchase in game items like weapons, pets, environments... lots to look forward to in the coming days.