Lock Your Dungeon

How to lock or unlock your dungeon
A Locked Dungeon

Dungeon Locking Explained

When a dungeon is locked, it can only be accessed via a password. A lock message can be set for a locked dungeon--this message is shown when that particular dungeon is accessed on OpenSea or our website.


So you've just purchased a dungeon and it's locked. How can you unlock it? Head over to Dungeon Manager dApp by visiting and clicking the Owners tab in the top menu. Alternatively, click the Dungeon Manage dApp at the top of this page.
Owners Tab
Click "Connect Metamask" in the upper right.
Note: you must connect with the wallet that holds the dungeon you wish to unlock.
If you're using a Ledger wallet, turn it on first, then click on Metamask and choose the Connect Hardware Wallet menu.
Connecting via Metamask with a Hardware Wallet
Choose the Dungeon Maintenance menu from the Owners page, and click "Claim Owned Dungeons:"
Claim Owned Dungeons
You'll be prompted to sign a message. You won't be charged any gas, and no transaction will take place.
This signature is completely safe, and is used to confirm that you are the owner of this wallet address.
Metamask Signature Request Screen
Once you have signed the contract, you'll be presented with a list of dungeons that are available within the selected wallet.
A list of the dungeons available in the current wallet
Choose a dungeon, and you'll be presented with the Dungeon Maintenance screen for that dungeon.
The Dungeon Maintenance Screen for Dungeon #1
To Unlock your dungeon, uncheck "Lock Dungeon." To change the password, fill the Password field and click ". When you're done, click "Update Settings." For security reasons, you'll be prompted to sign another transaction before the changes are saved.


To lock your dungeon, repeated the above steps until you reach the dungeon maintenance screen for you dungeon:
The Dungeon Maintenance Screen for Dungeon #4
To lock your dungeon, check "Lock Dungeon," and enter an optional "Trial Timeout." The trial timeout determines how long someone can play your dungeon before the lock screen appears.
To complete the dungeon lock process, enter an unlock password, followed by an optional lock message to display on the in-game Dungeon Lock Screen. Note that if you forget your password, you can always changed it by returning to the Dungeon in the Dungeon Manager dApp.
When you're finished, click "Update Settings" to save your changes. For security reasons, you'll be prompted to sign another transaction before the save completes.