Generative Avatars

Generative Avatars are the 2nd collection in the Dungeonverse Ecosystem! Each Avatar is animated, comes with 2 PFP styles (Pixel and Anime), comes with a built in PVP Death Match/Battle Royale, and is playable within any Dungeon. That's right, you can play with up to 32 friends INSIDE your NFT, directly on opensea! The Avatars can also be staked to earn 5 DNG per day. Check the staking and rewards section below to see how.
Each Avatar is 100% unique with hand drawn traits. Though we like to say rarity is a matter of personal taste.. we also have a rarity tool which we are currently building, and will be made public soon.

Avatars come with their own unique weapons, which are carried into the game.

When you play your Avatar in the game, the weapon it holds is also brought along. Weapons can be ranged to shoot your enemy from a distance, or melee meaning that you must be within close range to your enemy. Not only can you use these weapons in the Battle Royale game, you can also utilize them in the Dungeons to start slaying dragons from afar! Yes, we know it is wicked cool.
Example of an Avatar with a Staff, which shoots fire (ranged weapon)