The Vision

As the world's first fully playable, fully customizable, community-driven RPG collection, we have simple dreams. Such as conquering the world. NFTs can be so much more than simple jpegs. They can have innate utility, not just derived utility. Generative Dungeon was created with this in mind--our dungeons aren't simply collectible portraits you can use in a game, but rather each NFT is a full-fledged game in and of itself.
Yes. The game is the NFT. And you can play it directly on OpenSea and other websites.
Most important of all, the NFT and the game it contains is yours forever. You're not renting the game like you would under the traditional gaming model.
You own it completely.
We don't want to have control over your Dungeon, we want you to host your own game, we want you to customize it, we want you to run competitions in it -- we want you to be the CEO of your Dungeon. We want to encourage innovation and creativity.
We are at the beginning of everything.
Today, each NFT is a game.
Tomorrow, each will be a personalized metaverse.