[x] Generative Dungeon Launch - The world's first fully playable, customizable, community-driven RPG collection.
[x] Mobile Support - Opensea might not work well on your phone but GD on Opensea does. [x] Leaderboards - Each dungeon has its own leaderboard. Use for fun, or to choose qualifiers for a tournament.
[x] NFT Integration - Our first step to personalized metaverse.
[x] Floor Editor - Customize your dungeon!
[x] Invisible Doors - It's like Dark Souls but you can't attack to reveal it.
[x] Loot Chests - Your treasure awaits
[x] Lore Book - Add custom lore to your Dungeons.
[x] Portal - Inter-dungeonsional travel.
[x] Staking - Avatar and Dungeon Keepers will be able to stake their NFTs and get our token. [x] Utility Token - DNG. [x] Marketplace - derived utility. Use our token to buy WL spots to other projects, spend it on Dungeon upgrades, and unlock new game modes. [x] Generative Avatars - First expansion to DungeonVerse, two different art styles in one NFT, and playable in Dungeons. [x] Deathmatch/Battle Royale - A game mode where up to 32 players can fight to the death. [x] Multiplayer - Comes with each Avatar
[x] Decentralization - Keepers will be able to host their dungeons on their own servers [ ] Rent system - Who doesn't love rent? [ ] Chat - Have you ever wanted to chat with people in a game that you can play on Opensea?
[ ] Play to earn - First of its kind play to earn model. [ ] Generative Quest - 3D Isometric Dungeon Generator