Dungeon Floor Editor

By staking your Dungeon, you gain access to our Dungeon Floor Editor!
As you saw in the Dungeon Customization Guide, you can fully customize your game. In order to access this feature, you will need to stake your Dungeon. Once your Dungeon is staked, not only will you be able to access the editor, you will also be able to use the DNG you earn to purchase Dungeon Utility. This includes:

Dungeon Floor Saves

Floor saves are required to save your completed floor into your Dungeon. Each save is purchased individually, and can only be used once per save. In order to conserve saves, we recommend that you export your floor progress until you are ready to test it in your Dungeon.

Lore Books

Lore books allow you to drop books throughout your Dungeon for players to open and read. In these books, you can add story lore, giveaways, links, puzzles, and so much more. Your imagination is the Limit! Lore books are a one time purchase--once you have bought them, they are permanently unlocked.
Explore this in-game guide to the floor editor (guide begins after taking the stairs down to the first floor of the dungeon):