Death Match

Information about Generative Dungeon Multiplayer Features
Our 2nd collection, Generative Avatars, comes with a built in Death-Match/Battle Royale! The PVP Battle Royale is playable directly on Opensea, through your NFT... Yes, you heard that right.

How it works:

Each Avatar comes with it's own death match game. To play, simply click the sword in the upper right hand corner. You will then be directed into the PVP game.
Once Inside the game, you will be taken to a "lobby," or spectating, until another player arrives. Once another player(s) arrives, you can battle to the death!
Another option is to start your own game, or join one that someone else has created. To do this, simply go to the Hamburger Menu in the upper right corner, and select "Game Mode."
To create your own game, simply go to "New Game"
Then fill in the information to suit your liking.
Updates and improvements are being made to the game constantly. As we update the game, we will update info here as well!